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Adiprep fat reduction
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We all look in the mirror and see something we want to change. Perhaps it’s less roundness around our bellies or fuller breasts. Or both!

Like sculpting you into a breathtaking piece of art, Dr. Ibrahim can shape your silhouette with a new technology called AdiPrep. Adiprep is a revolutionary new technology that combines PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) with repair cells. Beneficial repair cells are removed areas you would like to decrease via a very safe and approved in-house in-house fat removal process, and then treated and redefined. The repair cells, and fat volume are then injected into the areas needing improvements.

The AdiPrep procedure to redistribute the fat you don’t want and put it where you do want, is on the cutting edge of bringing a little “oomph!” to your natural va va voom. If slipping into that little black dress is something you’ve always dreamed about, this revolutionary technique makes it happen.

By safely removing 1-2 inches of fat from typical trouble areas (ie the tummy, flank, and thighs), and injecting it where you could use a little lift, the AdiPrep system uses your body’s regenerative magic to enhance your appearance.

This procedure is offered exclusively at only a small number of select practices across the country, and is adored for its safe yet dramatic results!

It’s just one more reason why Biltmore Restorative Medicine is the ultimate practice in Western North Carolina for improving the way you look and feel.

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With AdiPrep technology, Dr. Ibrahim removes unwanted fat from your:

  • belly
  • flank
  • thighs
  • arms

…while simultaneously enhancing fullness in your:

  • face (including lips, cheeks & under eyes)
  • backs of hands
  • breasts, décolletage
  • girth for men
  • …and anywhere else you want more curves!

AdiPrep also improves:

  • sexual response in men and women
  • stress urinary incontinence