Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Feel younger and more vital

Bio-identical hormone pellets are the highest quality, most natural way to balance your hormones to help with restoration of sleep patterns, reduction in hot flashes, improvement in libido, sexual response and performance.

Hormones pellets are useful for men and women at any age because hormone therapy can alleviate severe PMS, postpartum depression, menstrual or migraine headaches and even adrenal fatigue. Pellets may also be used to treat hormone deficiencies caused by birth control pills and sunspots.

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What can I expect?

After pellets are inserted, most patients observe that they have an increase in energy, sleep better and overall feel happier. Patients may notice heightened strength, coordination, and physical performance due to increased muscle mass and bone density.

Concentration and memory may improve as will overall physical and sexual health. Pellets deliver steady levels of hormones for 3-6 months, depending on the patient and dosage. Pellets avoid the variation, or ups and downs, of hormone levels seen with other methods of delivery. Unwanted side effects and symptoms are experienced by patients due to the fluctuation of hormones in other methods.

When will I see results?

Some patients begin to feel the effects within a day or two, while others may take a week or more to notice a difference.

Are they safe?

Yes. Pellets most closely mimic the body’s natural cycle of hormones and are safe. These hormones protect the heart and bones and do not increase the risk of other diseases the way the synthetic pills and creams did.

What are some expected results?

Patients may notice that they have more energy, sleep better and feel happier. Muscle mass and bone density will increase while fatty tissue decreases. Patients may notice increased strength, co-ordination, and physical performance. They may see an improvement in skin tone and hair texture. Concentration and memory may improve as will overall physical and sexual health.

Look at one patient’s before and after photos after just a few months of treatment.

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