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How is Testosterone Replacement Therapy different at Biltmore Restorative Medicine in Nashville?

"I promise from one man to another, this man is brilliant and he can totally take your lab test and turn them into raw power, I mean like a MMA Fighter."

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We treat both men AND women of all ages – many practices only focus on testosterone replacement for elderly men.

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November 3, 2019

“First off, you should totally use this as a tool to explain how important you guys are to the average 40yr old working class citizens that become overlooked by pretty much everyone…the truth is that we don’t have a chance in this world. I have a full time job building and installing cabinets and millwork including custom crown molding and any type of finish carpentry. I also have a working farm and basically two jobs on the side, the same as most of my acquaintances. I preface all of this to say…if you are over the age of 35 you need to talk to my all time favorite person, Dr George Ibrahim. I have personally been through one of the worst scenarios of zero testosterone. I know first hand what it’s like to have to get up every morning and milk the goats, feed the horses and pigs and then take care of the chickens, dogs and then put hay in the field. At this point you go to you’re day job, where you build cabinets and cut custom crown molding and install doors and baseboard for 8 hrs… eventually to get off work and then repeat what you did this morning. One day you realize that you are worn out and all you want to do after work is sit on the couch and try to stop thinking about life, until you can go to sleep and repeat the process… bla bla bla!!! After I met Dr Ibrahim he was able to figure out where my problems were coming from and totally change my hormone profile. Since the first time I had my first custom hormone adjustment I feel as if im 20 yrs old again… I promise from one man to another, this man is brilliant and he can totally take your lab test and turn them into raw power, I mean like a MMA Fighter. He takes your blood work and turns it into a blueprint of how to maximize your potential. If you want to be running at you’re maximum potential then you will call Biltmore Restorative and get your hormones in alignment. Trust me when I tell you that he will change your life…but I don’t have time to keep telling you about how great Biltmore Restorative is because I have work to do and honestly I can’t stand around here anymore telling you about it because I’m jacked up and I have work to do. If you want to be an awesome man and impress your peers, you should give them a call. It was literally the best decision I have ever made!!!”

What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

As a Duke trained board-certified urologist, Dr. Ibrahim has been taking care of male hormone and sexual issues for over 30 years! He understands and has personal experience about how hormone optimization can be done safely and with fantastic benefits! As you can see by his results bellow: 

Dr Ibrahim testosterone Replacement Therapy

Why choose TRT Therapy in Nashville at Biltmore Restorative Medicine?

We treat both men AND women of all ages – many practices only focus on testosterone replacement for elderly men.

As a urologist, Dr. Ibrahim and his staff understand the fundamentals of male testosterone optimization and that there is more than just looking to see if total testosterone is in the “range,” as there is a huge difference between what’s in the “range” and what is “optimal”!

Most primary care physicians and “franchise” based practices just don’t have this level of experience that three decades of urology brings!

Finally, if desired, we offer non-invasive and surgical body contouring procedures for people who are interested in further enhancing their results with our state of the art truSculpt-iD body contouring device.

Some Benefits of TRT Therapy: Look Great!

TRT Nashville TN

Weight Loss

Studies show that obese men who undergo proper testosterone optimization lose on average 35 lbs, and decrease their body mass index from on average 34 to 29! Muscle mass and strength improve as do cholesterol and triglyceride levels, even lowering their blood pressure!

Feel Great!

Optimized hormone levels improve more than just your “looks”! Proper balancing will significantly reduce the risk of heart disease (the heart is, after all, just a muscle!), diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, and osteoporosis (which occurs in men as well as women).

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is directly related to low testosterone levels. Testosterone optimization will increase a man’s libido (sexual drive) and improve his erections. Think about this: when you were in your 20’s, did you need a blue pill to “perform”? Of course not, because your testosterone levels were at their best. Most older men don’t need a medication that they never needed when younger, what they need are the hormonal levels of when they were younger!

Testosterone will also improve memory and concentration, performance both in and outside of the bedroom, and lead to overall better quality of life!

The Biltmore Restorative Medicine TRT Program

  1. Schedule A Consultation by Clicking Here
  2. Discuss your health goals and personalized treatment plan.
  3. Lab Test & Full Panel Analysis (which is far more than just the total testosterone most providers measure)!
  4. Get your blood drawn. This can be done in our office or an outside office or lab. If you do this from an outside lab, please send your results to our office rather than relying on them to be sent by the outside lab or provider.
  5. A pellet insertion (done by a trained surgeon or provider) may be done the same day if scheduled, or injection therapy may be discussed and taught to you, depending on your unique goals and priorities as discussed with your provider.
  6. Follow Up & Maintenance
    Follow up visits will be scheduled to monitor and adjust as needed.

Personal Story from a TRT Patient!

I was already losing weight, over 20 pounds, but I was still tired, had little sexual interest or libido, no motivation or focus, and my erections were pitiful! My progress in the gym had plateaued, no matter what I did. I worked out harder and longer, but nothing more was being accomplished!

I had heard great things about the program at Biltmore Restorative Medicine and how much better they were than these franchised “men’s clinics” that were popping up everywhere with their commissioned sales tactics and bait and switch deceptions, and finally decided to contact them.

I’m so glad that I did!

They tested far more than just my total testosterone, which my primary care physician had done and told me my levels were “fine, that they were within the range”.

Doctor Ibrahim showed me that only the lowest 2.5% of labs are labeled as “low”, and that while my level of 322 was within the “range”, it was literally in the bottom 5 percentile of men! That’s low! But no one else could see that but for them!

I started on testosterone implants and within a couple of weeks my energy was back to its old self, my erections became impressive, and my motivation soared!

My muscle mass and strength began to improve again, I lost even more fat, and looked 20 years younger, I must say!

Go to Biltmore Restorative Medicine and see real providers who have the experience and knowledge that you will absolutely not find with these franchised men’s clinics or even your primary care physician, who just isn’t trained in the specifics of hormone replacement.

Make your appointment today, don’t wait as I did, do it now and start seeing the benefits immediately!

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Why Choose Dr. Ibrahim?

Dr. George Ibrahim is the go-to doctor for the most effective non-invasive, aesthetic procedures on the planet.

He specializes in hormone balancing, anti-aging, and sexual health.

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