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"Improved the quality and size of my erection, love it!"

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Improves circulation, size, and sensation in the penis, making sex more pleasurable.







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Improve Erections with The P-Shot® (Priapus Shot)

The P-Shot® (Priapus Shot) has been proven to improve erectile quality and size, resulting in a firmer and larger erection. Circulation in the penis can improve thereby increasing the sensation to the penis and making sex more pleasurable

The P-Shot® involves using your own body’s healing factors to naturally enhance your own abilities. Platelet Rich Plasma, harvested from a simple blood draw, is placed back into the penis. This initiates new tissue growth in the blood vessels and nerves, enhancing the quality and size of your erection.

Performed with minimal to no discomfort. There are no allergies or incompatibilities, as your own healing factors are doing the job!

For more information on the P-Shot® and for patient reviews, please see the official website.

Why choose Dr. Ibrahim for your P-Shot?

  • The only physician who is both a certified fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and board-certified Urologist in the Western NC area.
  • The only physician to teach other physicians and certify them in WNC

  • Highest quality Platelet Rich Plasma in the area.

  • Don’t be fooled by test tube, cheap, poorly concentrated PRP that others use.  

  • Our PRP is concentrated to over 8x normal levels, the quality used in cardiac surgery cases


  • Treat erectile dysfunction naturally, without expensive pills and their side effects
  • Improve erectile quality

Why do this at Biltmore Restorative Medicine and Aesthetics?

  • Only urologist between NYC and Miami who is certified in the “Priapus Shot” Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, and GainsWave Acoustic Wave device
  • Only physician in WNC allowed to certify other providers in this procedure
  • Decades of Duke surgical experience in male surgery
  • WHY would you go ANYwhere else? See the most experienced provider. This is your penis, don't get cheap on it!

How is it done:

  • Platelets from your own blood are concentrated-Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and placed into the penis with ZERO discomfort. Dr. Ibrahim is the only urologist performing this in WNC, and a urologist who has the experience to perform this with no discomfort!

How long until results noticeable?

  • Some men report immediate results!
  • Most may need a few weeks for the body’s tissue regeneration process to fully activate

How long will results last?

  • Most will do a maintenance treatment 1-2 times a year

Is it painful?

  • No, most report no pain and at most minimal and brief discomfort

What is the downtime?

  • Bruising may be possible

What does it cost?

  • Investments start around $1,900

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Why Choose Dr. Ibrahim?

Dr. George Ibrahim is the go-to doctor for the most effective non-invasive, aesthetic procedures on the planet.

He specializes in hormone balancing, anti-aging, and sexual health.

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